Volunteers’ Week 1 – 7 June 2020

Volunteers’ Week is an opportunity for organisations and communities to celebrate the contribution of millions of people.  Our volunteers really are the heroes of Compassionate Communities.  Their individual acts of kindness as ‘Compassionate Neighbours‘ evident in our befriending scheme ‘Reach Out‘ impact the lives of so many.  They shine a light into the world of people feeling isolated because of advancing illness, frailty, care giving and loss.

Our champions committed to carrying forward the work of the project.  They offer companionship and compassion that helps to build stronger communities that are better able to support people at times of crisis and loss.

Poetry Competition

Our volunteers are our heroes.  And yet they are simply ordinary people doing extraordinary things that help to shape a more inclusive world for people in the final stages of their life journey.

To help us to celebrate our ‘wonderful volunteers’ why not enter our poetry competition!  Three winning entries will be presented as an appreciation gift to our   volunteers.  Your entry can be short, long, rhyme or not, just as long as it celebrates the companionship that our volunteers bring to our community members and their families helping to build compassionate communities.  You may find watching this video helpful to understand the good work that they do.

Simply send your entry by email to or via private message on our Facebook page.

We look forward to hearing from you!


The Winning Poems

Thank you to everyone who submitted a poem.  It was a difficult decision to chose the winners.  Congratulations to Rhianna Deery, Eabha Kelly and Debbie Lamberton!!


Thought for the day …

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Dying Matters Week 11 – 17 May 2020, ‘Dying to be heard’.

This year Dying Matters Week theme is ‘Dying to be heard‘, it challenges our reluctance to have ‘tender conversations’ on topics such as illness, death and dying.

It’s true we shy away from these taboo topics because they make us feel uncomfortable.  We don’t want to consider losing someone we care about and certainly not own ill health and dying.  Yet we won’t live forever, we all have a terminal illness and it’s called ‘life’ and living life means that we will age and our health will deteriorate.

People living with a life-limiting illness and frailty are facing the reality of their situation.  When people talk about their worries and making plans about the future it helps to relieve anxiety and empowers them to influence the things they have control over.

Mary speaks from personal experience….’It starts by listening’.

Please click here to hear Mary’s story. Click here to read Mary’s story.

Thought for the day …..

Useful Resources

The Importance of Listening

The greatest gift you can give another person is your time, time to listen to what they have to say.  Knowing that they have been heard can help them feel less isolated.

Please click here to download information on the ‘Importance of Listening’.







Understanding Grief

Understanding your own grief can help you to navigate the challenging emotions and sometimes confusing thoughts.  Understanding another person’s grief can help you offer appropriate support.

Please click here to download information on ‘Understanding Grief’.